Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant:


We offer a wide range of packaged sewage treatment plant that are used for treating sewage generated by large colonies, hotels, hospitals and institutions/commercial buildings and others.
Prefabricated Compact Sewage Treatment Plant, which can treat up to 100000 Litres/day of sewage. The entire package unit is skid mounted and can be installed near to the sewage receiving underground tank. This is the only underground tank which client has to provide at site to collect the raw sewage. After treatment, the treated water can be reused for gardening or can be disposed off. the packaged sewage treatment plant uses all the treatments of aerobic system. It includes:

  • Aeration by air diffuser to increase the dissolved oxygen and decrease the BOD in the effluent.
  • Sedimentation of bio mass in tube settler
  • Filtration of sewage through Pressure Sand Filters and Activated Carbon Filters.
  • Chlorination of sewage for disinfection.
  • Features:

  • Hassle free and smooth operations
  • Optimum throughput
  • High performance
  • Requires less maintenance