We have working experience in water and the wastewater treatment industry since 1991.

We are well suited to offer fully customized solutions as well as standard pre-engineered treatment plants. Our wider diversified work experience delivers most cost competitive solutions.
We also provide Sunir water care services (SCS)a comprehensive program providing customers with the products and support services to maintain water treatment systems' operating performance and minimize lifecycle cost.
In order to develop sustainable water and wastewater treatment technology, we at Sunir view treatment systems in a broad sense. In addition to cost, treatment performance and energy intensity aspects, process for concentrate recycling, disposal of solid waste, social and environmental impact are important when evaluating sustainability of any treatment system and selecting an appropriate system for a given condition.
The more we study the challenges faced today, the more we realize that they cannot be understood in isolation. They are systemic interconnected and interdependent. These challenges of water availability and water quality require a paradigm shift in our world view. We follow multidisciplinary approach to evaluate and deploy sustainable technology in our offerings.A sustainable solution is one which satisfies the needs of today without diminishing prospects of future generation.

water and wastewater treatment


Nature inspired technology

Retain essential ingredients and avoid over processing

Sustainable technology solution for treating water.

Conserve precious natural resource be it water, earth or energy.

Reuse Recycle water ensuring least wastage.

Minimal energy use – reduced carbon foot print